Mobile Mixed Concrete for Your Home & Business

Freshcrete  is committed to serving Greater Napanee and surrounding area homeowners  with high-quality products, competitive prices and fast, friendly  service. For an estimate on concrete services, please contact us at any time.                                

No-Waste, Metered Concrete  All  of Freshcrete’s concrete mixes are metered off the truck. Our trucks  are capable of delivering up to 10 cubic meters per trip. While each job  requires a two-meter minimum, you will pay only for the amount of  concrete used. And, there will never be any “leftover” concrete dumped  at your jobsite.

Services  Our concrete services for homeowners and contractors in Kingston, Cloyne, Picton, Belleville, and Greater Napanee include:    

How Do Your Products & Services Stack Up to the Competition?  We  mix our concrete right at the jobsite. Many companies only offer barrel  truck cement services. This type of concrete mix reacts as soon as  water is added. This can lead to what is known as a “hot load,” a  concrete load that has been mixing too long in the agitator truck and  now has heat buildup. When this type of load arrives, you may be forced  to have the concrete poured whether you are ready for it or not;  Freshcrete mixes all of our concrete at the jobsite, therefore this will  not be a problem.

Check the Weather  Make sure conditions are ideal for your concrete project by visiting  The Weather Network website.                                

How Much Concrete Will I Need?  The website offers many types of easy-to-use formulas to  calculate just about anything. If you are requesting an estimate, having  the exact dimensions and amount of concrete needed help us to provide  you with a highly accurate estimate. Remember, you only pay for the  concrete that is used!